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A - Anxiety, irritability, Mood Swings, nervousness, aggressive behavior. This form of PMS is marked by elevated estrogen in relation to progesterone. If there is an underlying B-complex deficiency, the liver may not be able to break down the estrogen for excretion.
Treatment: Often, simple nutritional supplementation can eliminate this type of PMS. In addition to a high quality, high potency B-complex, additional B-6 is indicated. B-6 lowers estrogen levels and balances progesterone. Taking extra magnesium is also important. A study in England determined that women with severe PMS-A were found to be deficient in B-6 and magnesium. Also decreasing intake of dairy products and sugar are of benefit.

B - Bloating, breast tenderness, water retention, swollen hands, feet, and face, weight gain. Excess aldosterone, (a water sparing hormone) causes retention of sodium, which causes bloating. Causes of increased aldosterone: #1) Stress - aldosterone is secreted by the adrenal cortex under stress.
Treatment: Again, B-6, suppresses aldosterone secretion, Vitamin E decreases breast tenderness. Lower salt intake, chocolate, caffeine, and quit nicotine. Magnesium deficiency can cause the aldosterone imbalance as well.

C - Cravings for sweets, chocolate, salty or fatty foods or an increased appetite in general. Symptoms of hypoglycemia, including heart palpitations, fatigue, fainting spells, headaches and trembling. Susceptibility to cravings increases during the late luteal phase (just before and up to the period) due to increased insulin sensitivity. Caused by low B vitamins, magnesium, vitamin C, zinc, and fatty acids. The brain glucose levels drop causing increased appetite and sugar cravings and insulin levels, ultimately causing sugar sensitivity and hypoglycemia, which causes trembling, fainting, etc. Often, women with this type of PMS will also crave alcohol, which makes the aftermath hypoglycemia even worse.
Treatment: Supplementation with the necessary supplements, being sure to eat a diet with all the nutrients listed here. Brown rice added to the evening meal gives adequate B-vitamins.

D - Depression is a serious symptom in any situation, and although only 5 to 20% of women suffer this type of PMS, it is important to identify, because of the risk of suicide. Symptoms include crying, confusion, depression, forgetfulness, insomnia and withdrawal. The causes of PMS D are again, decreased B vitamins, and magnesium. This situation increases susceptibility to stress, the adrenal glands are over-stimulated, secreting adrenal androgenic (more male-type) hormones, and this is a LOW estrogen situation, with lower than normal levels in the luteal phase. Abnormally high levels of lead have also been detected in many women with this type of PMS.
Treatment: Supplementation of B-vitamins and magnesium, and if lead is a problem, detoxification of the heavy metal.

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