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Cancer As A Turning Point
by Eva Urbaniak, N.D.
Cancer As A Turning Point

The thought of getting cancer sends shock waves of fear through all of us, especially because cancer is striking more often today than in the past, and victims are younger all the time. Some will survive another twenty or thirty years and others will not. Either way, many consider the diagnosis of cancer a wake-up call, a transition or a turning point in their lives. If there is something positive about getting cancer, it is a real chance to face our mortality (we all have to eventually), to fulfill unrealized dreams, to look at, and possibly change situations in our lives which could have contributed to developing the disease, and to live in the present moment and cherish it.

Cancer Still Undefeated

After over half a century of treating and attempting to cure cancer, medicine is still far away from providing any real answers. Not much focus is placed on the prevention of cancer. The American Cancer Society acknowledges the role of certain dietary factors in prevention, but even that information has come only recently. Alternative therapies are becoming more attractive since they boast higher success rates for eradicating cancer than conventional treatment. In this five-part series of articles exploring alternative therapies, we will examine five: The Gerson Therapy, Essiac, The Hoxsey Therapy, Revici's Non-toxic Chemotherapy, and the Gonzales protocol. Today, we have advanced testing and monitoring methods to see if these therapies work, so it is hoped that those with cancer reading these articles will take a chance and try them. After all, what have you got to lose?

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