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An Afternoon With Deepak Chopra
by Eva Urbaniak, N.D.
The Grand Ballroom at the Westin Hotel was the site chosen for this rare opportunity to hear and see Dr. Deepak Chopra. He spoke about life, death, energy, the universe, and Love. Here are my notes from the seminar and although some of the concepts at first may seem strange and far-fetched, they make perfect sense as an explanation for many of the concepts we ponder.

He began with eleven insights, and he asked us to write them down for future reference. I suspect they will be in his next book, A Journey Back to Love.

  1. Spirit is everything - there is nothing else.
  2. As the Spirit creates from the unmanifest to manifest, it makes sure the whole is maintained in the part. Every bit contains the totality.
  3. Everything we experience is a vibration of Spirit.
  4. In the world of the relative, change is the only constant. Nothing is ever lost - just transformed.
  5. Each thing that exists contains its opposite.
  6. Spirit moves in cycles, seasons, and rhythms; cosmic dance, creative flow.
  7. Every event that happens is meaningful and significant. Karma has an infinity of causes and effects.
  8. The creative energy of the universe is a type of "sexual" energy. What can I create that never existed before? Attraction, Inspiration, Enthusiasm; the latter two mean "to be with God".
  9. Our own state of awareness creates the world we experience.
  10. Attention and Intention are triggers for transformation in the universe.
  11. At the core of every being, the reality is LOVE.

What is the relationship between Spirit and physical reality? The human body is a river of intelligence and energy. The real YOU is soul and Spirit and cannot step into the same flesh and bones twice because the body is always changing. Every atom that belongs to you belongs to me too. We are not our physical bodies.

We are in the midst of a revolution where science is actually going to lead us to Spirit. (In the last seven years, with the Hubble telescope, we have approached the threshold of this very concept.)

What is a thought? It is a unit of information and energy. The universe is alive, intelligent and conscious. Matter is a by-product of consciousness.

Dr. Penfield, a soul researcher, stimulated the sensory cortex of the brain of a patient in surgery and the patient was transported to her kitchen at home, where she was entertaining guests, cooking and visiting, although she was also aware of the fact that she was in an operating room. He evoked a full- blown experience. When he attempted another experiment stimulating the motor cortex, he caused a patientís hand to move. Then he asked the patient to choose not to move the hand and the choice over-rode the stimulus. Reality is manufactured by the brain. There is an interpreter behind the scenes. But neither the interpreter nor the choice-maker are in the brain. Every thought we have is either an interpretation or a choice.

Soul is non-local but can become so with the right instrument; timeless, spaceless, eternal, the real you, soul, Spirit. In the space between thoughts, the thinker can be found, silent, pure potentiality.

We dance around the ring and suppose, and in the center the secret knows.
-Robert Frost

Meditation and non-judgment are very important.

Death is actually waking up. Spirit is the silent witness, silent presence, always there. This presence is always there. What is the difference between souls? One mind, many disguises. Infinfite possibilities, different probabilities. (Probability Amplitude)

Karma=Action, experience and generates
Sanskara=the seeds of memory (association) and leads to
Desire leads to action or Karma again.
This is the "software of the soul".
If you want to get in touch with your karma, get in touch with your desires.
Breath and thought are both movement of consciousness.

Only new karma can overshadow old karma.

A holograph is a 3-D projection. Healing is the memory of wholeness that goes beyond the ambiguity.

Embrace everything completely; saint and sinner, sacred and profane, good and evil, beatitude of paradise and dark night of the soul.

Unified field- God

Spirit, soul- causal body

Mind, intellect, ego- subtle body
Matter, energy- physical body
The astral body is a replica of the physical body in another vibration.
There is matter, energy, transformation, information field, unified field.
There is the seer, the scenery, and the process of seeing.

This is unity consciousness.

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